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Tony Lechner


About Tony Lechner

Long a purveyor of folk, pop & rock cover songs while fronting his various bands, Tony has spent much of his life contemplating the inner workings of many a hit song. His music career began in middle school, but he didn't make a serious attempt at writing his own songs until college. While working on a masters degree in jazz composition and arranging, he immersed himself in harmony, melody, and rhythm. Soon his writing could no longer be contained by a single genre, and he began venturing beyond jazz. Fifteen years later he's produced several albums' worth of original, prize-winning material in different styles. Most notable among these are his song "Mocha Maya", which won the 2010 Lennon Award in Jazz (John Lennon Songwriting Contest); the 2010 Jazz Grand Prize from Billboard World Songwriting Contest; and "Partiste", which appeared in the 2010 Paramount motion picture release of Dinner For Schmucks.

Probably the most remarkable quality of Tony's writing is its sheer variety. Typically songwriters stay within the bounds of a single musical style, occasionally crossing over to another, but no so with Tony. This is not a folk singer/songwriter who tends to repeat himself by the third album. The songs that spill out of his creative cauldron span multiple genres and as a result, are recorded by different musicians in different settings. Tony is driven by a need to convert the insistent melodies inside his head into works of art for the world to hear.

Tony's work with Boston-based animation company Fablevision has resulted in some amazing opportunities over the last decade. Projects with Tony's music and sound design have appeared in international film festivals and won several awards, including the Rights of the Child Award, Parents' Choice Award, and Next Generation Learning Challenge, to name a few. Through Fablevision, Tony has scored projects for Sesame Workshop and Ragdoll UK (Teletubbies), as well as teamed up with the voiceover talent of Oprah Winfrey, Tim Curry, and John Lithgow.

In 2008 Tony produced Wildflower Lullaby, the debut CD for his band Wild-Wood, and 2011 will see the release of Under The Midnight Stars, the debut album by his newest studio creation, The Rosewood Project.

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