Tony Lechner
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ElfBook Project:

ElfBook is collaboration by Tony Lechner and his brother John, an interactive story that attempts to blend the genres of a book, a film, and a game. John Lechner created the story and animation, while Tony created the sound design and all the music. Click here to see the project in its entirety and learn more about it (Flash required.)

Elfbook: The Curious Journey, an interactive story by John Lechner, sound design by Tony Lechner

Sticky Burr Project:

Tony has collaborated with his brother John Lechner to bring to life the Sticky Burr book series through music and animation. Tony composed and performed the Sticky Burr Theme Song (below), which was animated by John. He also produced and recorded the music and character voices for the animated song "Stuck On a Tree" for John's video for the Oregon Association of School Libraries (below). Tony and John have many more plans for Sticky Burr, including a full-length musical adventure.



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