Tony Lechner
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What people are saying about Tony

Tony Lechner photo“I have been dazzled and delighted by Tony's work for a decade now. He not only listens to what we want, but then takes it a notch higher. Tony has done many projects for us over the years, but my favorites are the ones when he scored music for my films. The music moves people deeply. That is my mission - to use story to move people – to inspired action. Tony is the perfect choice to make that happen.”

— Peter H. Reynolds (Award-winning children's author & founder of Fablevision, Inc.)

"It takes a certain amount of musicality to compose. In an effective composition there are several key elements, including how the harmony and melody work to compliment each other. What takes even more musicality, and is often a rare quality, is the ability to compose well in many different styles. Yet, when it comes to Tony Lechner, this is just the quality from which he derives his musical strength. Multi-talented, Tony is able to conceive a song, put it onto paper, record it, and make it professionally presentable. To hear some extreme diversity, check out Tony's track 'Lookin' Up', which is scored for big band, and 'Dream Gone Cold', which is the complete antithesis, as it's a very mellow folky song."

— (Collaborative Music Site)

I consider Tony to be one of the favorite collaborative creatives at LMW Design, Inc. We have worked together on original jingles and custom music beds for various advertising clients. Tony is sensitive to the overall direction at the onset of the assignment, and then brings a level of creative professionalism to the final product that always exceeds the client's expectations.”

— Laurie Musick Wright (President, LMW Design)

“I've worked with Tony on a number of occasions and watched him at work. He is truly an amazing musician, arranger, and recording engineer and I recommend him to anyone who is looking to work with the best.”

— Gary Smulyan (DownBeat award-winning baritone saxophonist, Amherst, MA)

“Tony is a fabulous resource I return to again and again. For both music composition and sound design, he always creates exceptional product that clients love. What more could you ask? I look forward to the next time we work together.

— Toby Smith (Writer, Producer, Project Manager)

“I called on Tony to compose and arrange several versions of a TV jingle, each of which had very specific instrumentation, timing and mood-setting requirements. Not only did Tony nail every one, he created award-winning work that, nine years later, regular viewers can still recall. He then came back and did it all again for us, refreshing the jingle several times with new sounds and interpretations, and outdid himself with each revision. Plus, Tony never, ever missed a deadline. He's an absolutely priceless resource.”

— Aimee Diehl (Creative Consultant)


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